About Xquisite Africa

Xquisite Africa is a shop with a difference, your “One Stop African Shop. It first opened its door to the public in September 2004. Selling all of your favourite and authentic Africa Food produce; ie Egusi Stock Fish, Pepper Soup, Fufu Flour, Yellow and Green Plantain, Yam, Okra, Fresh Hot pepper, Paw Paw Ogbono Smoked and frozen Fish ( ie Cat Fish Tilapia Mobto Re Bream etc) Pound’ol Iyan, Palm Oil, Indomie Maggi, to mention only about a few.

With its friendly and welcoming service and relaxed atmosphere, it soon became more than a Shop to the Africa Community. It became a meeting place/ information centre – a place to meet a fellow Africa and discus condition & our corrupted Government policy back home and get first hand information on what is going on within the Community to asking for help with looking for a room to rent. Encouraging and getting involved with the organization and celebrating of various African Countries’ Independence Day; as well as connecting and welcoming new comers into the African Community and to Cardiff.

Unfortunately, on the morning of the 12th September 2010, our much loved Xquisite Africa caught fire and was burnt down. But all is well that ends well. Xquisite Africa is like, as the story goes “the phoenix rose out of the ash”. Xquisite Africa is back and its much better than before, doing what it does best’ working hard and diligently to bring the African Community the very best Africa has to offer; to our loyal, supportive and much appreciated customers. Xquisite Africa’s doors are open once again with all your favourite food products (ie Crayfish, Shito, Knorr Cubes, Cassava & Corn Dough, Iwisa, Samp, Tuo Safi, Koko etc etc etc), Hair & Beauty Products, Hair Extensions & Wigs(Human & Synthetic , African Drinks (ie African Guinness, Star & Guilder and Club Beers, Castle lager, Fanta, Malta Guiness, Maltina and many many many more!!!